Take the BIG Stress out of your Relocation


We’re creative. We’re connected. We’re experienced.

We’re ready to help you solve your relocation challenges.

We can help you to settle in with minimum hassle and maximum pleasure, to navigate the stressful situation of letting go and moving forward. 

An increasing amount of the individuals and professionals who take the leap to move abroad, need to arrange their move on a Do It Yourself basis. 

At the same time, expatriation is still a complex matter. Our organisation launched a platform that guides expats who are going abroad.

Connect with a Relocation Expert

A great way to discover a country and its offerings is to connect with a local relocation expert. They are able to provide you insights and to answer any questions you may have about living in their respective country. They can also provide you with a very accurate measure of rent and real estate prices in addition to actual living costs.

Our Network

Our established networks and relationships with private banks, tax advisors helps these internationals to navigate through the jungle of administration, language, local legislation, taxation, insurances. From requesting a bank account, insurances, administrative support or language lessons to practical matters like business funding, mortgage or finding the perfect school. We support innovative and scalable entrepreneurship!

 Consulting and support Expats
 Help with Residential registration
 Assistance with vehicle registration
 Property search abroad
 Assistance with obtaining mortgage for properties abroad
 Translation services and assistance with Public Utility Service (electricity, gas, water, TV, internet)
 School and education consultation
 Assistance with the suitability of schools/universities
 Exclusive services: insurance plans for disability, accident, critical illness, and cancer
 Recommendation of an independent Expert, who can advice on essential types of international insurances
 Exceptional health insurance coverage for expatriates with beneficial voucher system
 Recommendation of legal and tax consultancy to obtain tax benefits by relocation or other financial matters
 Evaluation of the feasibility for starting new business abroad, integration to the market, company formation, marketing
 Support with opening a bank account
 Help with finding workmen of all kinds
 Identifying networking opportunities 

Do you search VIP treatment? We will roll out the red carpet with concierge-style services.

Feel free to contact our team to explore how we can help you, so you can relax and enjoy your new home.

Relocation is an individual process, additional services might be required.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time if you have a special request.