Payment solutions

Modern Payment Solutions

Specialists will be happy to provide assistance with opening bank accounts and make a customized selection to suit your individual requirements.

Sometimes, expats’ needs cannot be met by the local banks abroad, like frequent money transfers between currencies or between oversea bank accounts, set up a mortgage in a foreign currency or pay recurring bills in home country. Modern Payment Solutions are able to offer financial services that make it easier for expatriates to lead their mobile lives. These  services include but are not limited to:



Multi Currency Banking Accounts

Fast Payment

Multi Currency Wallets

Automated Invoice System

Receive Your Salaries or Commissions

Safety and Privacy







Receive Invoice Related Customers Funds

Licensed Entities

Offshore Business Customers

Many Jurisdictions




Select the Payments You Would Like To Accept

Bulk / Mass Payments

Low Fees

Automated Invoice System With Your Logo


No Setup Fees

We would love to discuss your needs and how our reliable partners could help you.