You have saved and planned and are looking forward to retirement. Now comes the question: Where should I retire? When the time comes to retire from your working life of the past 50 years or so, will you be ready to live in the same country in which you have always lived? Can you afford your house payments on just your retirement income? The cost of everything continues to increase, and your fixed retirement income may not be enough to keep up with all the changes.

There are still plenty of charming and comfortable options all over the map where your retirement money will stretch quite a bit further than at home. Today I’ll tell you about one of them: Hungary.

We answer every essential questions potential expats have, from instructions on international insurance to tips on locating great restaurants.

Are you planning to relocate to Hungary? We can help you to settle in with minimum hassle and maximum pleasure. Feel free to contact our team to explore how we can help you with your relocation to Hungary, so you can relax and enjoy Hungary.

Romans came here to bathe more than 2,000 years ago. Since then it has been a hotspot for relaxation and mineral treatments in all of the Balkans and Central Europe. Scattered over the area of Lake Balaton, the wonderful springs number more than 1,000 and are famed for their medicinal powers. Héviz is one of the most popular and offers a whole range of different treatments and programs.


I am about to reveal the advantages of moving and investing in Hungary, a relatively affordable country offering a high quality of life.


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