Health Insurance


World-class cover. One world. One service.

Our partner is an insurance company that have a truly international private medical insurance with health and lifestyle products for expatriates throughout the entire world.
Plans are available to all nationalities.

  • Unlimited coverage – comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment with no limits
  • Trusted global insurers with deep pockets
  • Cover of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Cancer treatment covered in all plan levels
  • “Gold plated” healthcare solution with the broadest range of premium hospitals and top-end specialists around the world
  • Access to care anywhere – with a global network of providers and facilities offering optimum care
  • No waiting periods
  • Highly responsive, round-the-clock emergency medical assistance abroad whether it’s an emergency or standard healthcare 24/7 phone, web and mobile support
  • Concierge-type support that will help you obtain premium health services around the globe
  • No hidden costs, such as limitations by fee regulations, maximum rates. Invoice amount corresponds to the amount refunded!
  • Upfront payment of treatment or fast processing of your reimbursements worldwide
  • Payment of claims in your own currency
  • Accommodation in single or two-bed rooms, treatment by the chief physician
  • Dental prosthesis and implants up to € 5,000 already in the 1st year of insurance
  • No maximum reimbursement limitation for medical situations, repartriation
  • Worldwide shipping of vital medicaments
  • Expatriate health care programmes (for living and/or traveling worldwide)
  • Eligible for all nationalities
  • No minimum or maximum age restrictions
  • Experience and a proven record of delivering worldwide healthcare
Exclusively for the members of United Expats Organisation
liability of the full insurance / calendar year)
  • Optional annual refund
  • Optionally save it and get rewarded by accumulated balance over the years
  • In the event of death, payment of accumulated individual balances to surviving dependents
  • Benefits vouchers and loyalty bonuses
  • Reductions for higher ages groups

International private medical insurance for individuals, families and groups / business / organizations / universities providing innovative benefits. With more than 80 years of experience in health insurance, over 3,000 experts at locations worldwide to offer our international clients innovative solutions, individual consulting and services.

Specializing in flexible international health insurance with a special focus on expatriates as well as independent people requiring international cover. Offer of flexible underwriting solutions, high-level products with comprehensive outpatient, inpatient and dental insurance cover around the globe. This worldwide network of offers direct access to world-wide local expertise, seamless service and first-class care.

Feel safe and secure. Focus on your goals, turn your plans into reality and make the most of your new lifestyle. Your health is the basis of your success. It is a precious asset which must be preserved. Especially when living and working abroad for long periods of time. Your health and that of your family deserves nothing less than the best insurance service worldwide.

Health insurance is a complicated business, and plans can change from one year to the next.

Insurance experts will properly assess your insurance needs, help you compare plans, understand your options, explain terms, conditions and any small print that you might not understand.

It is time to evaluate your health insurance coverage and discover your savings potential.