About Us

The global community for expats -people living and moving abroad.

This is a group for expats and internationally minded locals. We are primarily a social and business networking group, with all activities and communication in English, German, French and Russian.

United Expats Organisation is unique and resourceful community. This is the place for all the Expats meet and discuss everything including way of life, living and working abroad, food, travel and property.

The focus is for people to make new friends. It’s a club for individuals, couples and families to foster the professional and personal relationships and to help accelerate the social life.

We contribute to the integration of the numerous foreigners who have chosen to live abroad.

United Expats Organisation e.V. is a company registered in the Republic of Austria with company number 1121813363. 

Please get in touch to have an informal chat about becoming a member, partner or contributer.